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He’s also a keynote speaker for a new virtual career fair available to local high school students and looks forward to getting back into schools once coronavirus restrictions are eased. Ingold’s desire to share his knowledge started last summer when he began to more fully comprehend the wage gap in America through speaking with teammates during times of strong social unrest. “We had a lot of discussions as a team relating to the national anthem and all the tension going on racially and economically in our society with George Floyd and everything,” Ingold said. “It was a lot of guys from a lot of different backgrounds, and to see how much financial literacy came up in those conversations, I found out there were a lot of guys who were never taught how to handle their money, manage their money.” As someone with a personal finance degree from the University of Wisconsin, Ingold knew he could make a difference. He started asking around town and making his intentions known before eventually coming into contact with Michelle Jackson, the president and CEO of the local Junior Achievement wing. It didn’t take long on their first call together for Jackson to realize Ingold’s vision was a match for her organization’s existing initiatives. “As soon as he told me that other players on the team always asked for his financial advice, I knew,” she said. Ingold has been far more hands-on with the programs than typical celebrities and well-known figures who endorse them, Jackson said. He recruited a slew of teammates like quarterback Marcus Mariota and receiver Hunter Renfrow to record portions of the money camp and has scheduled meet-and-greets with students. Ingold said he’s been able to connect with the teenagers through sharing his own experiences — ones they may be able to relate to better than those from some professional athletes. Professional football was far from a sure thing for Ingold after he graduated from college. “My senior year, I wasn’t on any draft boards,” Ingold said. “It wasn’t real for me, so I had to go look for a job. I had the real experience of going through job training, going through job fairs, shaking hands, going through the interview process and eventually getting hired.” Ingold was set to become a salesman for software company Oracle, even getting assigned a start date in the summer of 2019. He called the company to request pushing it back after he got an invite to Raiders’ training camp. Then he called to forfeit the job once he made the team. “It was a backup plan for sure, but it helped me cut it loose on the football field and say, ‘I’m going to give this my best shot because it’s plan A and if it doesn’t work out, then I’ve got a job at Oracle,’” Ingold said. “I had to walk the walk. High school kids have the best B.S.

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