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C365Cloud is an award winning cloud management system designed to help organisations audit, manage and improve their levels of statutory compliance. Our industry leading software is focused on streamlining and simplifying processes and providing one system for all compliance areas, with unlimited user access. Our cloud-based software reduces the need for paper-based forms, decreasing the risk of human error and double data handling, as well as providing the customer with a full audit action trail. Our systems evidence-base reporting and mobile working has proven to improve visibility and ensure organisations can focus resources effectively. The system allows users to manage their compliance by exception, ensuring actions can be tracked to conclusion through easy to access dashboards and unlimited reports, providing a full audit trail, a legally defensible position and one version of the truth. C365Cloud has developed a unique PDF extractor tool to pull actions out of PDF survey reports and certificates. Alongside this tool they have developed an innovative bespoke mobile forms and data capture application which is created to reflect the survey question set required. It utilises features such as bar-code scanning to manage unique assets, auto population to ensure absolute accuracy, photo annotation, offline caching, geo location and inbuilt intelligent skip logic. This allows documentation to more be uploaded straight to the system from on-site mobile devices, where live dashboards provide an overview of outstanding actions and risks. Our customers benefit from the efficiency gained from our software allowing their engineers and approved third party contractors to complete multiple inspections on site, on one site visit and also the time saving from the certificate and reports being automatically generated. There are over 100 modules currently live covering various compliance and risk assurance for areas including fire risk, gas, asbestos, electric, legionella, LOLER, Accident and Incident Reporting, CQC Assurance, E-Log books and health, safety and wellbeing management. All of these can be accessed and managed using the C365 BIM tool ensuring data is both accurate and readily available. C365Cloud currently manages approximately 1 million properties across the UK and has more than 100,000 registered users, 3500 mobile engineers & suppliers, across 270 customers. We help at yahoo these organisations save up to £2.6 million per year. We have clients in a range of key industries, including housing, retail, healthcare, councils, universities and nuclear. Some of our key customers include Bupa UK, The Co-op Group, Sainsbury’s , Marston’s PLC. Heineken and The Riverside Group.


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Fogg again: “We work a lot in diamond mines where they are installing new conveyors quite high into the roof of the shaft where it is very dark. We put extra lights on the top of the boom plus two spotlights on the back for reversing and one on the front.” Other requirements include a lock-out switch whereby the operator can turn a switch mounted on the bottom of the seat to isolate cables to the battery. Once it is locked out, a padlock is typically fitted to ensure nobody else can use the crane. An emergency stop comes as standard on the mini crane, but a mine requires two emergency stops, one at the front and another at the back. Phil Cooley, a consultant with B&B Cranes, adds: “Our cranes are typically three-cylinder diesels, but we also bring them in with diesel and an electric power pack on the back, so they are actually a hybrid. The power pack takes a threephase plug. Then the crane runs on an entirely separate motor and hydraulics. Some mines work at 380W and others at 550W, so we have to fit the appropriate power pack to fit their specific need.” A lot of mines have a caged goods and equipment lift. Some, Fogg says, carry up to 35t so “most of the time we simply put the crane in a cage, and it is offloaded at the bottom of the shaft.” If the mine has no goods and equipment lift, says Cooley: “Sometimes, to get the cranes underground we have to take all the liquid out of them, remove the outriggers and place bow shackles (a bow shackle is able to be loaded at an angle). “We lift the back of the crane up and put the nose down and drop it down the hole, say 1,000m to the shaft. Down there they will have a forklift which pulls the crane flat onto its rubber tracks. Then we lower the legs down separately, to be reinstalled in the mine.” A few years ago, Boliden, a Swedish metal company with its own mines and smelters, asked Manitex Valla (through its UK dealer, Hird) to supply an electric-powered carry deck crane to work in the Boliden- Tara zinc mine in Ireland. The crane needed to be as compact and manoeuvrable as possible because of the confined space in which it would work The crane Valla supplied was a modified 1725-36SD with ‘global control’, which allows the user to define special features including virtual wall and increased systemoperator awareness. Tele-diagnosis is planned as a future expansion. Five main modifications were requested by Boliden. First, it needed a shortened boom, to increase its ability to travel in reduced/cramped spaced. Secondly, it featured automatic Lincoln lubrication systems. Because of the aggressive working environment in the mine, the customer needed the pins to be lubricated every few working hours. Since there was a hydraulic slewing collector on the turret with a limited number of hydraulic lines, it was decided to have two independent, automatic lubrication systems: one for the lower structure (axles, pins) and the other for the upper structure (pins). Thirdly, the crane was fitted with an ANSUL-Tyco fire suppressing system.